Operating Rules Of Mining Ventilation Fan

1. You must hold a valid certificate to take up your post. Familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of the fan. 2. Before starting the fan, the following parts should be checked: 1) The amount of bearing lubricating oil is appropriate, the oil quality meets the regulations, and the oil ring is complete […]

Load Haul Dump Machine

Load haul dump machine is designed for 3.8 x 3.8 m mine tunnels. Compared with the original underground LHD, this model has a great improvement in wheelbase and turning radius. Smaller wheelbase and larger turning angles can better adapt to the requirements of different lanes. Better machine stability and a more reasonable cutting edge design can effectively improve production […]

Mine Ventilation Fans

Qingdao ZONGDA Machinery Co., LTD. Ventilation Fan Production factory,It mainly produces mine fans, mining fans, axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, etc. The products are widely used, such as boiler drum, induced draft, workshop, cinema ventilation, textile axial flow, chemical explosion-proof ventilation, gas pressurized ventilation and industrial kiln ventilation; Ventilation of main fan, auxiliary fan, local […]

Underground Mining Elevator

It has the advantages of small inertia, fast action, good adjustable performance, high reliability, high versatility, simple foundation, convenient maintenance and adjustment, etc. The disc brake is used for working braking and emergency braking on the mine hoist, and its drive and control are completed by a separate hydraulic station. The brake designed by our […]