Operating Rules Of Mining Ventilation Fan

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1. You must hold a valid certificate to take up your post. Familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of the fan.

2. Before starting the fan, the following parts should be checked:

1) The amount of bearing lubricating oil is appropriate, the oil quality meets the regulations, and the oil ring is complete and flexible;

2) All fasteners and coupling protective covers are complete and fastened firmly;

3) The carbon brush of the motor is complete, the contact is good, and the slip ring is clean without burns

4) All indicating instruments and protection devices are complete and reliable;

5) The handles of each start switch are in the off position;

6) The voltage is within ± 5% of the rated voltage;

3. The sluice gate must be closed before the fan starts; the manual cranking should be flexible for 1 to 2 laps without jamming.

Explosion proof ventilation fan-5

4. Start the motor, adjust the excitation, and after the ventilator reaches normal operation, open the air door leading to the shaft to the required height.

5. During normal operation of the main ventilator, a patrol inspection should be conducted every hour. The contents are:

1) There should be no abnormal noise in each rotating part;

2) The bearing temperature must not exceed the limit;

3) The temperature rise of the motor does not exceed the regulations;

4) The indicators of each instrument are normal;

5) The voltage should be within ± 5% of the rated value.

6. Fill in the records in time after the inspection, and report the hidden dangers and problems to the team leader in time.

7. Normal shutdown operation of the main fan:

1) Close the damper leading to the shaft;

2) Shutdown after power failure.

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Operating Rules Of Mining Ventilation Fan
Operating Rules Of Mining Ventilation Fan
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