Underground Concrete Mixer Truck

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Underground Concrete mixer truck is mainly used for the concrete transportation in the hardening of roadway surface

Underground Concrete Mixer Truck

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Underground Concrete mixer truck is mainly used for the concrete transportation in the hardening of roadway surface

Product Details


Underground Concrete mixer truck is mainly used for the concrete transportation in the hardening of roadway surface

At present, the technology of the concrete mixer truck on the ground has been fully mature on the market, and the products are diversified and applied to many industries and projects, which can greatly improve the working efficiency. There are a series of advantages. However, in the coal industry, the transportation mode of the underground concrete still stays in the original state of the open tipper truck transportation mode, which is the transportation party It is not only small in transportation volume and low in efficiency, but also easy to splash and layer concrete in long-distance transportation. It also needs a lot of manpower assistance. However, the use of underground concrete mixer truck is still blank in the domestic and global coal industry.

Based on this premise, our company, together with Shenhua Shendong Group Research Institute, has jointly developed an explosion-proof concrete mixer truck suitable for underground coal mines. Once this product is published, it is widely concerned and welcomed. At present, the technology of this product has been fully mature and used in many coal mines in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, and it has been well appraised.

At present, our company is developing the following four types of products with different specifications according to the actual environment of unused coal mines and the requirements of users.

The Advantages comparing to other traditional old models

1. BIGGER CAPACITY: The concrete mixer truck can carry 5 cubic meters at a time, which is 2.5 times of the explosion-proof engineering truck. Therefore, when transporting the same amount of concrete, the concrete mixer truck can greatly shorten the transportation time and increase the working efficiency;

2. LOWWER FUEL CONSUMPTION: Under the same transportation volume, the fuel consumption of concrete mixer truck can be saved more than 80 liters compared with that of 100 kilometers. It greatly reduces fuel consumption and saves production cost. A kind of

3. PREVENTION of LAYERING: In the process of transportation, the concrete mixer truck always keeps the concrete in the mixing state. In the case of long-distance transportation, it effectively prevents the concrete layering or solidification phenomenon that the explosion-proof engineering truck cannot avoid. A kind of

4. EASY OPERATION: Before the concrete mixer transports, the material is discharged before the feeding, and the discharging valve can be opened directly to discharge the material, which is convenient for the operation of the operators, and it can discharge the material quantitatively to prevent excessive discharge and waste. A kind of

5. PREVENTION OF SPLASHING: The concrete mixer truck effectively prevents the concrete from splashing on the road surface due to the bumping of the road surface, which leads to the damage of the road surface of the transportation lane. A kind of

6. COMFORTABLE CAB: The cab adopts a sealed structure, which can effectively reduce the exposure of people in rainy and snowy days to freezing in winter; the cab is relatively higher than the explosion-proof engineering vehicle, and the driver’s vision is good.

Technical Parameters

(1)Vehicle specifications

NO. Options Specification
1 Type JC4.5
2 Effective volume(m3) 4.5
3 Curb weight(kg) 13000
4 Rated load mass(kg) 11000
5 Overall dimensions of the vehicle(L×W×H)(mm) 6750×2360×2550
6 Maximum speed of mixing drum(r/min) 18
7 Speed gear of mixing tank Third gear (forward, middle, reverse)
8 Unloading speed(m³/min) ≥0-0.8Stepless adjustable
9 Emergency tank transfer mode Emergency pipeline, manual emergency tank
10 Vehicle cleaning With car washing equipment (device)
11 Driving mode 4×4
12 Tank carrier lubrication Sealing protection, molybdenum disulfide grease
13 Climbing capacity (°) (longitudinal / transverse) 14/7
14 Wheelbase(mm) 3300
15 Tread(mm) 2045
16 Minimum passing capacity radius(mm)(mm) inside 2750
outside 5300
Traveling speed (km / h)
(dry and hard pavement)
17 Maximum traction(KN) 140
18 Suspension system Rigid swing beam
19 Unloading height(mm) 1800
20 Minimum ground clearance(mm) 300

(2)Cab configuration

NO. Options Specification
1 Cab Single metal cab
2 Control device Start, steering, acceleration, braking, parking, shifting and other longitudinal devices
3 Control device
Control force (n)
Steering wheel ≤50
Foot pedal ≤350
Control handle ≤120
4 Display instrument Oil pressure gauge, voltmeter, water temperature gauge, engine tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, brake pressure gauge, etc
5 Seat form Spring, adjustable front and rear

(3)Diesel engine system

NO. Options Specification
1 Type 6CTAA8.3-C215
2 Cylinder arrangement Inline
3 Rated power / speed(kW/rpm) 160/2200
4 Maximum torque(Nm)/(r/min) 980/1500
5 Direction of rotation (facing flywheel) Anti-clockwise
6 Minimum stable operating speed(r/min) 800±50
7 Fuel supply mode Direct injection
8 Displacement(L) 8.3
9 Average fuel consumption rate(g/KWh) 212
10 Bore / stroke(mm) 114/135
11 Compression ratio 17.3:1
12 Intake mode Turbocharging, intake intercooling
13 Exhaust mode Tail gas purification and silencing
14 Fuel specification 0~-35 Diesel oil

(4)Transmission parameters

NO. Options Specification
1 Transmission model R32421-679
2 Gearbox manufacturer DANA
3 Gearbox type Power shift gearbox
4 Gear / speed ratio 4.64
5 2.24
6 1.29
7 0.75
8 R1 4.64
9 R2 2.24
10 R3 1.29
11 R4 0.75

(5)Drive system

NO. Options Specification
1 Transmission mode Hydromechanical transmission
2 Axle model (front / rear) 10052406
3 Axle speed ratio (front / rear) 18.6/18.6
4 Axle manufacturer (front / rear) DANA
5 Tire size and model (front / rear) 12.00-20
6 Tyre type (front / rear) Pneumatic tire

(6)Braking system

NO. Options Specification
1 Brake type Wet brake
2 Brake pump displacement (ml / R) / pressure (MPA) 30/20
3 Working braking Hydraulic brake / spring release
4 Emergency / parking brake type Spring brake / hydraulic release
5 Braking distance (m) (20km / h dry hard road) < 8

(7)Drum hydraulic system

NO. Options Specification
1 Model of hydraulic pump of rotary tank 90-R-055-HF-1-AB-80-S-3-C6-D-03-GBA-35-35-24
2 Pump form Variable displacement piston pump
3 Pressure (MPa) 37.5
4 Displacement (mL/r) 55
5 Volume of hydraulic oil tank (L) 120
6 Filtering mode Suction filtration, return filtration
7 Filtration accuracy (μ m) 100/10
8 filter cartridge TF-250×100F/RF-110×30

(8)Steering hydraulic system

NO. Options Specification
1 Steering mode Full hydraulic four wheel steering
2 Displacement of steering pump (ml / R) / pressure (MPA) 30/20


NO. Options Specification
1 Front lighting type High and low beam lamp (with rigid protective lamp cover)
2 Brake indicator, turn signal Yes
3 Reversing lamp Left and right

(10)Sound signal warning device

NO. Options Specification
1 Type Electric horn
2 Operation mode Manual button on steering wheel
3 Volume(dB(A)) 40mSound pressure of horn at≥75
4 Reversing sound warning Yes

Underground Concrete mixer truck is widely used on mines in China and all over the world.

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