ZDL 215C Underground Loader 0.75 m³Bucket Volume with 1.5 Ton Tramming Capacity

ZDL 215C Underground Loader is a heavy-duty machine used in mining operations to load ore, waste rock, or other materials into haul trucks or transport vehicles.

ZDL 215C Underground Loader 0.75 m³Bucket Volume with 1.5 Ton Tramming Capacity

ZDL 215C Underground Loader is a heavy-duty machine used in mining operations to load ore, waste rock, or other materials into haul trucks or transport vehicles.

Product Details

  1. Product Performance Characteristics and Features

    1. The engine is powered by Cummins’ latest generation of high-power Euro III emission engines, which will sell 69,000 units in The Chinese construction machinery industry in 2020 and more than 72,000 units  in 2021. Mainly used in engineering, excavator machinery, especially 6-8 tons of excavators, Cummins engine occupies more than 60% of the market share, is also the first choice of many mine users.

    1. The whole vehicle is equipped with a dry three-way catalytic converter, and the core components

    are made of Canadian ECS platinum ceramic core, which has obvious purification effect, effectively reduced air pollution, and improved the downhole working environment.

    3.The vehicle frame and plate are selected from Jigang Q345B low-alloy steel as the main material of the frame, and the lower yield limit of the material is about 345Mpa, which can withstand various loads from inside and outside the Not only is the strength guaranteed, but also welded and formed by seven processes such as normalizing, aging, sandblasting, anti-corrosion, etc., so  it meets the requirements of the frame and working  device for structure, power, movement and soon. 4.The whole machine copper sleeve adopts high-force brass and radially embedded cylindrical graphite filler  arranged in an orderly manner as a friction material, and the embedded solid lubrication is easy to form a lubricating film, whichplaysa great role in its friction and wear performance, and has the excellent characteristics of high precssion, strong bearing capacity and good wear resistance.

    1. Main Technical Specifications



    5.Through technological innovation, the direct series connection of gear pump and variable pump is realized, which is the first in China. The structure eliminates the previous use of belt side pull to drive the gear pump, which brings a lateral pull to the engine, which will cause early wear and fracture of the engine foot. In addition, the pulley needs frequent maintenance and oil injection, once the maintenance is not in place, the pulley bearing will be damaged, which will directly lead to damage to the gear pump.



    1. With this structure, the elimination of pulleys reduces maintenance work and avoids failures caused by frequent belt relaxation, and power output is also improved. Practice has proved that the life of the gear pump has also been greatly improved.
      NO. Specifications Parameters
      1 Bucket capacity 0.75 m3
      2 Rated load capacity 1.5 t
      3 Maximum shovel force 48 KN
      4 Maximum traction 58 KN
      5 Maximum unloading height 1180 mm
      6 Minimum unloading distance 860 mm
      7 Maximum dump height 3100 mm
      8 Climbing ability (full load) ≥16°
      9 Minimum ground clearance 200 mm
      10 Minimum turning radius Outside 4260 mm

      Inside 2150 mm

      11 Maximum steering angle (left/right) 38°
      12 Departure corner 16°
      13 Rack swing angle ±8°
      14 Wheelbase 2200mm
      15 Travel speed (bi-directional) 0-8km/h




      Cummins QSF 3.8 / 74kw, Emission Standard Euro Stage 3
      17 Dimensions (L x W x H) 5950x1300x2000 mm
      18 Overall machine weight 7.15t
    2. Outline dimension drawings
      1. Drive bridge selection of heavy PC15 bridge,bridge shell, differential, planetary gear, half shaft and other main
    3. components have been optimized design and material strengthening, compared with other manufacturers of light bridge, strong and durable, high impact strength, reduce the failure rate. The transtruder is a normally closed wet drive axle, which is double-enhanced by spring brake and hydraulic release, and is suitable for complex underground road conditions and shoveling conditions.
      1. The lubrication point of the whole vehicle adopts a centralized lubrication layout, which fully considers the  problems of the difficulty of the equipment in playing butter underground and the maintenancetime-
      2. 1. Product real shooting

        1. Hydraulic oil tank adopts pickling leaching high-pressure cleaning process, which is different from the manual cleaning of other manufacturers, which ensures the cleanlinessofthe hydraulic system of the whole vehicle from the source, and provides a reliable guarantee for the life of the pump and motor of the core components of the vehicle.
        1. Hydraulic tubing, joints and wires all adopt imported well-the service life is greatly extended, avoiding the occurrence of running, running, dripping, leaking and bursting pipes
    1. The whole vehicle adopts high-quality wiring harness: wear-resistant, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-aging; the wiring harness is surrounded by high-quality corrugated tee and imported Dechi waterproof plug, which is better than domestic counterpartproducts.



    1. Vehicle cylinder using 42Cr material forging integrated piston rod, its process is: forging, rough car, tempering, fine car, boring, grinding, hard chrome plating, polishing treatment, the use of British imported Hallite seals.
    2. The pin shaft is made of 42Cr alloy steel, which needs to go through a total of 5 processes of rough turning, quenching and tempering, fine turning, quenching and grinding, which ensures the stability of the  pin shaft during the workingperiod.
    3. Using German Linde 55 series independent variable pump, Germany Linde is a high-end well-known brand in the international hydraulic industry, which is different from the variable pumps of other manufacturers. The pump realizes the function of automatically adjusting the hydraulic displacement according to the change of engine speed, thus solving the situation that the LHD used to adjust the engine speed by constantly pulling the pull wire by hand. There is a big improvement in terms of convenience of use, protection of the engine and extension of life, and fuel economy.
    4. Our company is the only domestic manufacturer of high-end independent variable pump, the application of the product makes the company’s products in the performance of the improvement has been widely recognized and praised by customers, with our high-pressure feedback independent variable motor composed of the system, the product
      • Workingcylinderautomatically adjusts to absorb engine torque and power, the flexibility of the product and the high reliability of the hydraulic pump  perfect  combination,  so  that  the  product  to  achieve a

        throttle pedal, a hydraulic control handle can achieve the whole

      • Brakingsystems

      Formation Parking brakes

      vehicle transportation, shovel, take and other actions, control precision, simple operation, Greatly improve the mining efficiency of the LHD.

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