ZDT105 underground mining truck

The ZDT105 underground mining vehicle is a trackless mining equipment designed and manufactured specifically for underground mines.

ZDT105 underground mining truck

The ZDT105 underground mining vehicle is a trackless mining equipment designed and manufactured specifically for underground mines.

Product Details

The ZDT105 underground mining vehicle is powered by a diesel engine, with hydraulic mechanical transmission, four-wheel drive, lateral driving, rear dump truck body, central articulated hydraulic steering, large steering angle, flexible turning, and small radius. It is suitable for medium section tunnel operations and has the following technical characteristics: ●The power system adopts Cummins and Top Japanese and Chinese National III watercooled low pollution engine;

●The power transmission system adopts top brand transmissions, torque converters, hydraulic brake drive axles, and mining patterned cut resistant tires; ●The braking system adopts imported MICO filling valve and brake valve; ●The frame is a centrally hinged structure, with the front axle swinging left and right around the center of the frame to improve the overall adhesion performance of the vehicle; ●The steering system is a hydraulic power steering system with dual sided steering cylinders; ●Adopting a closed cab is safer and more comfortable. Safety warning ●The operator of this machine must wear a safety helmet and carry a self rescue device and a mining lamp with them when entering the well; ●This machine must be regularly maintained and inspected, and any hidden dangers should be promptly addressed; ●It is strictly prohibited to conduct maintenance while the machine is in operation; ●When the machine is undergoing maintenance, the power must be cut off and the words “under maintenance, no starting” must be hung; ●When entering the machine for welding and cutting, safety measures must be taken after confirming that there are no flammable or explosive materials before operation; ●When the engine is running and the exhaust pipe has not cooled down after shutdown, it is strictly prohibited to have physical contact with the exhaust purifier ●The surface of the exhaust pipe to avoid serious injuries such as burns; ●When repairing the hydraulic system of this machine, the pressure must be completely relieved before starting the operation. 1. Application conditions: 1) This machine is suitable for use in tunnels with a cross-sectional size of 3 meters (height) × Working in tunnels with a width of 3.5 meters or more, the roof must be firm, the minimum turning radius on the outside should be ≥ 4.6 meters, the road slope should be ≤ 14 °, and the workplace should have good ventilation and drainage; 2) The ambient temperature of the tunnel is -5 ℃ to 40 ℃, and the maximum relative humidity is not more than 85% (at a temperature of 25 ℃); 3) The altitude of the usage location shall not exceed 1000 meters, and the power shall be reduced for use in high-altitude environments with an altitude exceeding 1000 meters; 4) The sulfur content of the fuel used in this machine shall not exceed 0.2%; This machine is strictly prohibited from being used in places with flammable and explosive gases such as gas and coal dust;

2.1. Technical parameters ● Rated load capacity: 5 tons ● Bucket capacity (stacking): 3 meters ³ ● Maximum driving speed in gear I: 5.8 km/h Second gear: 20 km/h ● Vehicle lifting time: 12 seconds ● Car box descent time: 9 seconds ● Maximum climbing capacity (heavy load): 25% ● Maximum traction force: 40 kN ● Turning radius: Inner side 3350 mm Outer 5600 mm ● Maximum height of the machine during unloading: 3400 mm ● Maximum unloading angle: 42 ° ● Steering angle: ± 40 ° ● Minimum ground clearance: 300 mm ● External dimensions (length × wide × Height): 6500 mm × 1800 mm × 1800 mm ● Operating weight of the whole machine: 8.5 t

2.2. Engine ●Engine: Cummins National III water-cooled low pollution engine ●Rated power/rated speed: 80 kW/2200 r/min ●Maximum output torque: 480 N · m @ 1500 r/min 2.3. Transmission system ● Transmission model: ZL15 Speed ratio: F1: 2.16, F2: 0.77; R1:2.21, R2:0.785 ● Drive axle model: DANA112 ● Total speed ratio: 23.25 ● Tires: 9.00-20 inflatable tires 2.4. Braking system ●Brake pump: CBLZ2040/0016, displacement: 16ml/r ●Maximum pressure of braking system: 16 MPa ● Driving brake: Wet multi disc hydraulic brake ●Brake valve model: MICO 03-460 ●Release pressure: 6.9 bar ● Parking brake: Spring brake on the drive axle ●Spring brake, hydraulic release brake ●Park brake valve model: RA3/3/2/G-3 2.5. Steering system ● Type: Central articulated, hydraulic steering ●Steering working pump: CBLZ2040/0016 ●Displacement: 40ml/r ● Maximum pressure of steering system: 14 MPa ●Steering gear: BZZ-400 ●Priority valve: YXZ-F160

● Steering cylinder diameter/rod diameter × Number of cylinders: φ 80/ φ 45 mm × two 2.6. Working System ● Working multi way valve: SN-4/1S ● Lift cylinder diameter/rod diameter × Number of cylinders: φ 100/ φ 55 mm × two ●Maximum pressure of the working system: 16MPa 2.7. Electrical system ●System voltage: 24V DC ●Starting motor voltage/power: 24V/6kW ●Lighting: 2 front headlights, 2 × 45W, 24V 2 rear headlights, 2 × 45W, 24V 2 mining signal lights, 24V 1 cab ceiling light, 24V 2.8. Fuel tank capacity ●Hydraulic oil tank: 120 L ●Fuel tank: 120 L ●Transmission gear oil: 28 L ● Drive axle main transmission part: 12L × two ●Drive axle wheel reduction part: 3.5 L × four ●Engine lubricating oil (engine oil): 28L ●Engine coolant: 18L

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